Programming a 2012 Audi Q5 AKL Via OBD using Autel IM608 Pro

Have Audi Q5 2009-2012 with All Key Lost to program, used Autel MaxiIM IM608  pro (make sure the you also connect your XP400 Pro and MaxiFlash J2534 connected to the car). The key learning procedure is to read IMMO data, make dealer key, key adaption to vehicle, test if the key can work.

Car information:

Car model and year: Audi Q5 2009-2012

Part # 8T0959754A


Slot Key without comfort access


Okay batteries that a vehicle please program your own risk I am not responsible or reliable for any mistake that you make.
  1. Identify Car Model
To make a dealer key, connect Autel IM608 Pro, J2534 JVCI, XP400 Pro & OBD2 port. Insert the key, press
Immo >> Accept >> Audi >> Smart selection >> Input VIN >> Yes
  1. Hitag Vag key; #31 key blank.
  2. No need to learn remote controls separately.
  3. “Key learning” function will first clear all working keys, then learn keys available. “Remote Control Learning” function will first clear all working remotes, then learn remotes available.
Before using these functions, please ensure that all keys are prepared.

It shows the current key status information, press “ESC”.
  1. Key Learning
Press “Key learning”.
Waiting reading IMMO data...

Please de-energize the BCM2.
Please power on the BCM2 again.
Read completed.

Do you need to make a dealer key? Yes
Put a blank key into the XP400 Pro Programmer keyhole.

Waiting processing until 100%...
Make dealer key success!
If you want to generate next one, press “Yes”, otherwise press “No”.

Input the number of keys to be learned.
Note: if the vehicle only has transponders, put in sequence the keys that need to be learned in the transponders and turn off and then on the Start/Stop button!

Key learning success!
As you can see, all the key status information were changed.

Now let’s go ahead and check the new key, okay, it can work normally.
Using Autel IM608 Pro to program Audi Q5(2009-2012) all key lost is successful!