Solved! MaxiIM IM608 Add old VAG Key Won't work Issue!

Autel IM608 added a key successfully today on a 2007 Audi RS4 (ignition key with start button and a 2015 Audi A6 add key (smart key).
The RS4 wouldn’t add new key via ignition switch directly
Had to backup vehicle data (via OBD still), make dealer key, add key via ignition wouldn’t work, so key was added through xp400pro going through add key function (original key in ignition, new key remains in xp400).
Remote then added through remote system
Keyless go works.
Had similar problem on 2006 touareg auto vin said it was kessy 433 but I had to do it through smart mode it was not kessy and it was 315.
Seems that older VAG cars the automatically add key won't work, did a Skoda and VW caddy the other day, same problem, needed to read immo data, make dealer key, and adding via XP400.