Autel IM608 IM508 VW PASSAT Add &All Keys Lost Programming Procedure

Autel MaxilM IM608 and IM508 (need XP400 or XP400 Pro ) VW has add keys and all keys lost function via OBD. No need to take off any module.
Here's the demo guide to program VW PASSAT CC AKL via OBD.
Main steps:
  • Step 1. Function and vehicle select
  • Step 2. Read engine IMMO Data
  • Step 3. Make dealer Key & Search for 7th byte of CS code
  • Step 4.Key Learning

Step 1. Function and vehicle select

>>IMMO>>Volkswagen>>>>Expert selection>>Comfort module Passat B6/CC>>select key"48 Key"

Step 2.Read engine IMMO Data

Turn ignition off and on, Then we will get our pin and CS code


Step 3. Make dealer Key

Here we need connect the XP200 or XP400 Or XP400 Pro to make dealer key

Search for 7th byte of CS code when all keys are lost then Put the original key in the programmer to continue

Here we got our key calculation

Search for 7th byte of CS success, press OK

Press "Make dealer Key" again, 2nd key need to be as a dealer key to program, put a blank key in the
programmer keyhole and then press "OK

Make dealer key success!

Step 4. Key Learning

Enter the number of key  to program

Deleting all keys

 7th byte is 00 as shown before will get the 7th byte in next step

Turn ignition off and then pull out the key, wait for 5s reinsert the key to turn ignition switch to ON

Now take of original key and put seconded key to igniaition and turn on

2-2 need to show in instrument cluster, press OK to continue

Key learning completed!