How to use Autel IM608 to programs BMW Mini EWS3 Barcode Remote

First, we should know:Autel MaxiIM IM608 won’t do BMW Mini with EWS3. Tried all different ways, from reading it with another tool using the EEPROM data etc. But it does have the function to code a new remote using the barcode. IM608 coded the remote through diagnostic but won’t program chip.


Barcode programming is under Immo or diagnostics menu. This whole post is about registering the RKE to the Electric Body Control (it's not about the chip).

Go to Diagnostic – service – body – central body – then you’ll see the function (ZKE Central Body Electronics BC1 Redesign). You can test the key as well to make sure it’s sensing a signal.


Need to enter both lines of barcode but remove certain numbers/letters from the beginning and end. This barcode, it’s on the two-button remote.


you need to enter parts from the first line and parts from the second line. Need to calculate the barcode into separate parts.

KZN and Logging a Remote
This should help you. If you read that it will tell you how to read and input the coding.
Ignore that code (displayed in IM60 it isn’t the correct one for that barcode, the picture was for illustration purposes only. Im608 won’t give you the code to program the remote that comes with the key.
You still need to manually program the remote.