Toyota Corolla Add Key / All Smart Keys Lost Solution with Autel IM508

Q1:Autel IM508 have the function for reading Toyota Corolla 2001 yr 4c transponder can read directly from ECU chip using the adaptors that come with it?
Q2: How do you do a all key lost on a 2010 Corolla and it don't give you the option just Add a key then the first step says put learned key in ignigtion then insert new key to be learned but it ain't no program key....please help

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@Manuel Bravo
Clone it way easier. If u wanna add key go to system selection and just choose 4d67 and add it that way will give u option to add slave or master valet etc. Just hit add key

@Christian Pedersen
Remove immo box, read eeprom, generate chip.

@Scott Ford 
U have to read eeprom.
If it's just a copy then clone it and go.
Akl is eeprom.
There is the option to reset ecu by obd, I have never been able to get it to work and never heard anyone say they got it to work.

@Issa Hawarenkov
Immobox behind the dashboard... eeprom 93c66 512bit
Read eeprom with the programmer
Learn key
Write immo data back
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AUTEL IM608 / IM508 IMMO list For Toyota COROLLA

Help :
  • ●All support OBD method
  • ○Part of the models support OBD method
  • ■All support on-bench/boot method
  • ◻Part of the models support on-bench/boot method
  • △Not Required/Not Supported
Vehicle Model
Add key
All keys lost
Read password
Remote learning
IMMO part replacement
Keyless System
Immo system(KWP)
Immo system(4D/G/H)
Immobilizer(Partly supported), ECM
Immo system